Welcome to BIAG

On behalf of the Barbecue Industry Association Grill [BIAG] e.V. I heartly welcome you to our internet presence.

The BIAG – Barbecue Industry Association Grillverband e.V. represents the interests of European manufacturers and distributors of barbecue products. There is no other representation of interest groups in Europe.

The homepage provides you with competent information on different types of grill tech-niques, barbecue fuels, (charcoal, gas, electricity) as well as on products and safety checks, safety and consumer quality certification marks/icons, nice barbecue recipes and on important events.

In addition, you will be informed what EN 1860 Part 1 – 4 is, why the safety marks/icons like DIN-CERTCO, TÜV, AF, LGA or others are so important for safe and healthy barbecues.

The BIAG Barbecue Industry Association Grillverband e.V. is an industrial trade association and to date, the only association of international manufacturers and major distributors in the international barbecue branch for all grill appliances and barbecue fuels, as well as similar industries.

The activities of the BIAG Barbecue Industry Association Grillverband e.V. have mainly the following objectives:

Innovation, Comfort, Quality and Safety

Norbert L. Jedrau
Managing Director