BIAG Congress 2016

BIAG Congress 2016 04.04.2016 European Charcoal Forum 05.04.2016 General Assembly

BIAG Congress 2015

Berlin, 23.11. to 24.11.2015 European Charcoal Forum Members Assembly 2015

Tasks and Goals

The Barbecue Industry Association Grillverband (BIAG) e.V. stands for quality, safety and health and for over 20 years of competence! The Barbecue Association was founded in 1986 as the „ Charcoal Grilling Association “within the Professional ....mehr

Start of the barbecue season: safety and quality come first

Barbecuing is among the most popular leisure pursuits and the number of passionate barbecue chefs continues to grow. The great advantage of ...mehr

Barbecuing still is a highly popular trend all year round

Barbecuing is developing more and more into a cultural event as well as an all-year trend. The formula is quite simple: The trend for outdoor living and barbecue culture has a positive effect on everyone. Consumers want to have fun outdoors ...mehr

Considering your neighbours when you barbecue

The spicy aroma of tender grilled meat, cool drinks waiting to be enjoyed – this is one of the ways to start a confrontation with your neighbours ....mehr

Welcome to BIAG

On behalf of the Barbecue Industry Association Grill [BIAG] e.V. I heartly welcome you to our internet presence. The BIAG - Barbecue Industry Association Grillverband e.V. represents the interests of European manufacturers and distributors of ....mehr