Tasks and Goals

The Barbecue Industry Association Grillverband (BIAG) e.V. stands for quality, safety and health and for over 20 years of competence!

The Barbecue Association was founded in 1986 as the „ Charcoal Grilling Association “within the Professional Trade Association for Metal Ware and Related Industries e.V. (FMI) in Düsseldorf.

Facing a constant increase in globalisation (e.g. members from various European countries) and in order to fulfil the increased demands on its memberson 07.September 2006, the new industrial trade association

Barbecue Industry Association Grillverband e.V. (BIAG),

was founded. On 02.11, it was entered in the associations register, Aschaffenburg, and went public on 06.November
The objectives of the BIAG e.V include, in particular, raising grill and barbecue safety stan-dards as well as quality. In this concern, technical minimum standards as well as accident and health protection play a major role.

Consumers who decide on standardised and certified – by DIN, AF, TÜV, LGA or other regis-tered test labs – EN products should have the guarantee that their appliance functions flaw-lessly, that the used barbecue charcoal fire starters ignite safely and are clean and that it is also safe to use  the energy sources charcoal, gas and electricity. Above all there must be a guarantee too that the food is always soot and smoke-free and, in particular, healthily cooked.

Besides many other activities the barbecue association is involved right since its foundation in German and European level standardisation, in order to set high consumer-safety-standards for barbecue grills, fire starters, and for our energy sources charcoal, gas and electricity.

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